Frequently asked questions


What is Refot group?

• Refot Group is a group of four companies that operate in six different markets, and are leaders in the field of distribution and sales of photo and video equipment. Founder company Refot B d.o.o. was founded back in 1990 with the primary goal of importing and distributing photo and video equipment in the territory of Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. For more information see:


Who can apply for the contest “My favorite place in 36 hours”?

• The competition is intended for all women and men over the age of 18, who have experience in making video material, and who have a place of residence in one of the mentioned countries SERBIA, CROATIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, NORTH MACEDONIA, ALBANIA and MONTENEGRO. For application terms and conditions, see the following link.


How to apply?

• The application is made through the website, where it is necessary to fill out the application according to the requirements that are listed. All applications that do not comply with the requirements stated in the application will not be considered. Links to the previous video materials do not have to be joint works, but also individual ones that will best represent your way of working, up to 5 links (it is recommended that they be posted on a YouTube channel, which can also be private).


Is there an expected video format?

• No, all video forms are allowed, documentary, feature film, music video, video art, stop motion, dance video, reportage, VR video, as far as your imagination can reach. 


Does the team automatically advance to the next stage of the competition, only when submitting the application?

• No, your work needs to be “approved” by the jury in order to be able to participate in the competition. In the sense that it meets the expected level of competence, that you are not a complete beginner.


When will we know who passed to the next stage?

• October 1st, the list of teams approved by the jury will be published.


How do we know exactly when to return the equipment and send the video?

• Each team will have its own coordinator from the Refot Group, who will directly familiarize them with the procedure.


How do we know that our application has been successfully sent?

• After completing the application, you will receive an e-mail confirming that you have successfully applied, and on October 1st, an official announcement of the teams participating in the competition will be announced.


What is the deadline for applying to the competition?

• The deadline is September 30th, until midnight, 11:59 p.m!


Can I apply if I don’t have any previous video recording experience?

• Unfortunately, no, because that is one of the conditions for the application, up to 5 links that show us your previous work. It doesn’t have to be a joint project of all team members, just links that show us what your team can do!


What should be shown in “My favorite place in 36h” project

• Only imagination is the limit, but it should definitely be related to the mentioned topic. From the different feelings that bind you to your favorite place to displaying all of its details. It can be interpreted in countless creative ways. It is up to you to show us your favorite place, in your own way, and unique. It is essential that it is recorded by your team only and with the equipment you will receive. In the video, you can use everything that you have a license for or that you are the author of, from 3D elements, templates, VFX… 


What are the technical limitations?

• Recommended aspect ratio is 16:9 (but not limiting), minimum resolution 1080p, max 3840 x 2160 (4k). Video formats are H.264/AVC, H.265 / HEVC. The format of the final video is .mp4. The length of the video, up to 3 minutes, anything over that is considered not to have met the conditions of the competition. File size up to 2GB! You can only use music that you have composed yourself, for which you have a license (which you must send us as proof) or music from a platform that we will send you later, where you choose the music track yourself. As for the editing program, there are no restrictions. It is desirable to do color correction, because the quality of the recording will also be looked at. 


Is a registration fee required?

• No, the competition is free.


How many teams can participate?

• It is not limited, it depends only on the quality of the applications we receive.


How will the winning team be determined?

• Parameters that will be marked: Responce to the subject, quality and originality of the script, creativity of editing and technical quality of the recording.


When will the winners be announced?

• The winners will be announced mid-November, of which we will inform you later.


How many winning teams can there be and what are the awards?

• There are first three awards, chosen by an expert jury, and the awards are for the 1st place (voucher worth 5,000 euros at the Yellow Store), 2nd place (voucher worth 3,000 euros at the Yellow Store) and the 3rd place (a voucher worth 1,000 euros in the Yellow Store). There is also an audience award that will be determined based on the number of your votes through the website VIDEO LIBRARY, and the prize is a Nikon Z30 + 16-50 mm.


Where we can check and test the equipment we will be using?

• Serbia, Belgrade, Yellow Store, Vuka Karadžića 7a, +381 11 3034 373,

• Croatia, Zagreb – Yellow Store, Frankopanska 6, +385 1 5804 229;

Split – Yellow store, Bana Josipa Jelačića 21,+385 (0) 21 278 044,

• Bosnia & Hezcegovina, Banja Luka – Yellow Store, Tarasa Ševčenka br.1,  +387 5132 44 43,

• Makedonia, Skopje, Refot M, 50 Divizija 30a, +389 2 3215 985

• Montenegro, Podgorica – Yellow Store, Đoka Miraševića 61, +382 20 264315

• Albania, Tirana, Zgatar Electronics Tirana, City Park, Autostrada Tirane-Durres,  +355694079818


Who are the members of the jury?

See the jury HERE


Can one team member be in more than one team?

• The team leader can only be in one team, and team members can also participate in other teams.


Do the team members include actors, interns…?

•  No, but according to the agreement with team leaders, they can.


If we have additional questions?

• Of course we are always there for you, you can write to us at