Terms and conditions of application


Hello! Thank you for deciding to learn more about the My favorite place in 36 hours contest. In order to avoid any doubt, here are the entry terms and conditions which we will deem your team to have agreed to the moment you send us your entry:

1. General terms

• Registration means sending all the required data via link Team name, country, team leader contact, list of team members and links to reference works. You can submit up to 5 links that best represent your work. The team qualified for further participation will be the decided by the jury, which will be announced on October 1st. The team can consist of a maximum of 5 members. You have 36 hours at your disposal to record your favorite place solely with the provided equipment, bearing in mind that the post- production lasts up to 7 days.

• The authors of the video “My favorite place in 36h”, in response to the given topic, retain all rights to their work (Copyright), understanding that the authors grant the right to use their name and their video for the purposes of promoting the campaign #CreateYourFilm. The authors also  guarantee that they are indeed the authors of the video material and are the holders of the copyrights, which, for the purposes of the #CreateYourFilm campaign, they provide the Refot group with, to be used for 3 years, while all video materials that are to be published during the campaign, after the expiration of the period of 3 years remain on all the platforms on which they have been published by that time, meaning they will not be deleted.

• The final videos may be used in promotional materials, published or displayed with regard to the campaign, without further notice. 

• Video that will be recorded by the team, until the end of the competition, i.e. announcement of the winner can only be published on the website www.createyourfilm.com as an exclusive content, and is confirmed by the authors who accept these terms and conditions of the contest.

• The participants agree that someone from the Refot group records the teams during their work through the “making off” video or if they agree otherwise with the team members, so that the material can be published on their channels and used for project promotion.

• Contest participants will be informed regarding their rights to use the video work if any third parties contact the Refot group about the video work being possibly used for commercial purposes.

• The competition consists of two stages. The first stage involves sending initial application on the website www.createyourfilm.com, under the theme “My favorite place in 36 hours” with reference links of your previous work, while the second stage involves the qualification of the teams by an expert jury, upon which the teams are to receive the equipment by Refot group. After 36 hours, the teams return the equipment and manage the post production, which they carry out within their resources, for which they have 7 days at their disposal. 

• Contest participants can be anyone who has a residence in the territory of the Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosna and Hercegovina, Albania or Montenegro, over the age of 18 years.

• Refot group includes companies Refot B for Serbia and Montenegro, Refot BH for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Refot M for Macedonia and Albania, FTG distribution for Croatia.


2. Technical conditions 

• During the recording, the participants can use only and exclusively the equipment that they have received from the Refot group and for which they signed the specification, which is the equipment.

• Recommended aspect ratio is 16:9 (but not limiting), minimum resolution 1080p, max 3840 x 2160 (4k). Video formats can be H.264/AVC, H.265 / HEVC. The format of the final video is .mp4. The length of the video is up to 3 minutes, anything over that is considered not to have met the conditions of the competition. File size up to 2GB! You can only use the music that you have composed by yourself; for which you have a license (to be sent as proof); or music from a platform that we will send you later, where you choose the music track yourself. As for the editing program, there are no restrictions. It is desirable to do color correction, because the quality of the recording will also be checked.

• The team leader undertakes the responsibility to send the edited video work on the topic “My favorite place in 36 hours” to the agreed e-mail address, at the agreed time, through WeTransfer. 


3. Responsibility

• All the necessary attention will be devoted to working with the teams, but the Refot Group will not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment, regardless of whether it happened due to the equipment negligence by the participants, their agents, employees, contract workers or anyone who may be responsible under the law. The team is obliged to return the equipment in the condition in which it was received, without any damage. The team leader signs an agreement with which this will be confirmed, as well as the responsibility for all the relationship he makes with his team members, actors… and everything that includes their process of filming, editing or the organization itself. Also, by signing the agreement, the team leader confirms that he will comply with the terms and conditions of the competition, return the equipment and the SSD with the original files on it (which serves only to determine the authenticity of the video) and record a video on the given topic.

• Refot Group will not be responsible for the Participant’s negligence, situations over which it has no control, inclement weather, injuries at work, including but not limited to network failure, computer virus, unauthorized access to the server, or further use of video works downloaded from social networks. and misuse by third parties.

• The Refot Group will not be responsible for reparations or any other damages caused by the participants, as a result of their participation in the video challenge and #CreateYourFilm campaign

• The Refot group is not responsible for the violation of the copyrights of those who participated or made a creative contribution in creating the videos, as well as the persons who appear in the video itself, which is the responsibility of the team itself. It is also not responsible for filming objects that require a special permission to film.

• The participants undertake not to link the Refot Group with any lawsuits, actions and legal proceedings, to demand any compensations, attorney’s fees arising from a third-party complaint  in the matter of objections to copyright or any other intellectual rights and properties that may arise as a consequence due to possible irregularities of the sent video files.

• Although the participants retain their copyrights and other equal rights to their applications, the Refot group still remains the holder of the rights classified under “Rights”.

• If the final video contains illegal actions, against the laws of the competent country, the Refot group reserves the automatic right to disqualify the team, without further explanation (such as depictions of drugs, religious, racial or gender discrimination, prostitution, abuse…)


4. Rights 

• With the aim of publishing the competition and promoting the video format as art, Refot Group reserves the right to publish, reproduce, make public, publicly communicate, display, print, distribute, adapt, and present the winning teams for 3 years, with the name of the video work on the website and social networks, as well as at exhibitions, events, other exhibitions organized or managed by the Refot Group and its authorized agencies without further compensation or prior consent of the participants/winners for the purpose of publishing the #CreateYourFilm campaign. All materials published until then will not be subsequently deleted after the 3rd year has passed.

• The Refot group also reserves the right to display video works in TV format, TV shows… such publication does not guarantee any award, monetary compensation or any equivalent of that kind.

• In order to display works dedicated to the #CreateYourFilm campaign on Refot channels and accounts, some works may undergo formatting changes on certain networks.

• If the Refot group assesses that there has been a violation/abuse of the terms and conditions of the contest in any way, the Refot group reserves the right to exclude the team from further participation in the video contest, deny the delivery of the award to the participant, i.e. to the team that committed the violation or abuse. One example could be the use of the equipment not provided by Refot Group.

• Refot group will display credentials on the website and social media, exhibitions and other similar places where video works will be shown.

• In order to achieve the goals mentioned in the previous clause, the Refot group can:

Show the most creative works as a whole or only a part of it on the website or social networks that it manages, with additional graphic effects, sound effects, or music, or employ campaign participants in full or partially in making posters, invitations and leaflets in order to promote the exhibition or other events. participants agree not to express moral concerns regarding the use of winning entries or “best entries” selected by Refot Group.

• For other purposes not listed above, in addition to the agreement with the participants or the winner, Refot Group reserves the unlimited non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce, make public, publicly broadcast, display, print, distribute, adapt or present the “best participants” as if they were participants or winners of this competition, without any additional compensation.

• The Refot group undertakes to never monetize the submitted video works. Authors will be contacted for any offers.


5. Other conditions

• Participants who do not accept the Terms and Conditions of application or do not fill out the application in accordance with the stated requirements will not be considered for participation in the competition.

• The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity or reliability of any other provision. In the event that any objection is designated as invalid or unenforceable or illegal, these Terms and Conditions remain valid and will be construed in accordance with their terms, even if the invalid or illegal objection is not set forth herein.

• These Terms and Conditions will be interpreted in accordance with the law of the country where the competition is being published.

• All disputes will be resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in the responsible country.

• Refot Group reserves the right to change some of the conditions if the need arises, of which all participants will be informed first.


6. Participating countries:

7. Awards

• Awards are vouchers in the Yellow Store, where you can buy equipment worth 5,000 euros for 1st place, 3,000 euros for 2nd place and 1,000 euros for 3rd place. The audience award will be awarded based on audience votes from www.createyourfilm.com, where everyone has the right to vote only once, the start and end of voting will be announced later on all our channels.

• Vouchers can be used no later than 3 months after they have been awarded. Vouchers will be collected at the closing ceremony when the winners will be announced. The place and time of the event will be announced later. If the participants cannot attend the event, a voucher will be delivered to them in agreement with their team leader.

• How the teams will spend the amount of money on the voucher is upon the team to decide, with which the Refot Group has no responsibility.